About Beyond The Wall

Beyond the Wall
There have been seasons in my life when I was up against a wall. I have tried for many years to write songs about the highs and lows in my life but to no avail. I made mistake after mistake with men, my finances, family, and friends. I was guiding my own life and not following God’s plan for me. One day I finally decide to let go and let God pour his blessings on me. I sought God’s word, I met the right man, got my family, finances, and friends in order. One night I was awakened by God and my first song was born. I realized that God had carried me “Beyond The Wall” that hindered me for so long.

You’re Everything
God has many different names in the bible. As I studied God’s names, I realized that I did not know Him by all of His names, but that there are some names by which I know Him more personally. I wanted to write a song that explained what all God has been to me.
I was sick-Jehovah Raphe healed me. He is my shepherd-Jehovah Rohi. Jehovah Jireh has provided for me every step of the way. I have been in the low place and El Elyon has taken me to the high place. Jehovah Nissi has covered me,
El Shaddai is my God Almighty, and it goes on. This song shares that God IS “My Everything”.

Remember We
In January 2007, I met a man who had been a country singer/songwriter in the 70’s. I challenged him to write another song-he challenged me to write a song. I told him I had never written anything I would want anyone to hear. He said “think of the worst thing you can think of and let it have a good ending, then you’ll have a good country song.”
Having seen the devastating effects of Alzheimer's disease professionally and personally, the song emerged as a prayer for all who are effected by the disease.  The Lord awakened me at 3:00 in the morning and by 5:30 am “Remember We" was written in its entirety. I sang it for him the next day. He told me “you have a hit!”

He Wasn’t From God
I believe most women, Christian or not, have been involved in a relationship that God did not author. This song tells of a combination of relationships that I have experienced at one time or another. Sometimes women see the potential in a man, but don’t see him for who or what he really is. My biggest prayer is that women who are in that “relationship”, or who have been in that “relationship”, hear this song, realize, and if not already, get free.

It Ain’t Love
This song started as a joke. Our family was headed to our family reunion and my husband started coming up with words and the kids started singing them. I realized that this song might have potential! The words share with ladies and gents alike-it’s only love when you DO the “I do” not just say it. As my mom would say, “your actions speak so loud I can’t hear a word you’re saying.” Don’t just say I love you-show it!!!

God Gave Me You
This song was easy to write. It was written for my husband and all he’s been in my life. He says that he waited seven years for me-I don’t know about that, but I do know it took us a long time to get together. Maybe because of my experiences in those seven years I appreciate him so much more than I would have. I just know I’m a better me with him in my life. When God gave me to him, I just knew that this marriage was for life! He pushed me to sing to God's best not my own. He always says "Your best is not good enough, you need to sing to God's best!"
With about three weeks to go before the Georgia Alzheimer’s Association fundraiser dinner, I wrote this song to honor all of the caregivers and volunteers that give tirelessly to assist those afflicted with Alzheimer’s. After it was written, I realized that it actually gives thank you’s to people all over, that give of themselves to make other people’s lives easier and better. From parent caregivers, mentors, nurses, doctors, police officers, firemen/women, big brothers/sisters, friends, and last but not least the military soldiers that make the ultimate sacifice, this song was written for you. My God bless you and lift you high!

Lady in the Corner
As a speech therapist working in long term care, I have given care to some amazing people and have experienced some amazing things. One afternoon, I was visiting a patient’s room-a room I had visited on many occasions. I was there to encourage her to eat and she stated simply “she did not want to eat.” She said that “the lady in the corner wanted her to go with her.” I looked behind me and of course saw no one there. After I asked her to describe this “lady”, she described her as “BEAUTIFUL”. She said that she has “long golden hair and warm eyes”. “I want to go with her, that’s why I won’t eat.” My patient then stated that “it won’t be today or tomorrow-but soon.” She then gasped and asked me, “Did you see her wings?” At that moment I realized three things. First, I had grown entirely too close to my patient. Secondly, she knew exactly what she was seeing and she longed to be with her. Lastly, I knew that I was in the presence of an angel.
I got off work and rode to pick up my kids. What happened would not leave me and the Lord gave me this entire song in approx. 15 minutes. This happened in the last week of January and she died the first week of April. I cried as I read the words to this song at her funeral.

Guard My Mouth
This song was also inspired by one of my patients. She had been abused most of her marriage, however, believed that if you say positive things out of your mouth positive things would happen. “Guard my Mouth” does not truly depict her life. She is still married but her life is good! I too share her belief. You have what you say you have and as the bible says, “life and death is in the power of the tongue.” Don’t say what you see-see what you say!

Transplant of the Heart
The only song on this CD not written in the last two years, this song was written in ’91. I have always enjoyed words-how they feel and what they mean. This song plays with alliteration and encourages those who are lost to have a “Transplant of the Heart”.

In Awe
My favorite moments are in the presence of the Lord and “In Awe” was actually written in church. For a moment, I watched people broken before God. I watched them worship with every thing within them. With my hands stretched toward heaven and basking in His goodness and compassion towards me, the Lord gave me “In Awe”.

Breathe on Me
There was a time in my life I was a single mother of three. I was so tired and drained in every way possible. Five years later, while driving with my middle son over Dugdown Mountain on hwy 27N, I reflected on that time. I realized that just when I needed it, when I had given all I had and felt I had nothing left, my God breathed on me. He always does that. At times when we have nothing else to give, He pours himself out on us and we are restored. As I came over that mountain, I saw God’s hand in all that was around. I don’t take it for granted when I enter the doors of the nursing homes where I am employed or kneel to pray for my children at night. I know that I am, only because of who God is. I am absolutely nothing without Him. In Him, there is nothing missing and nothing broken. “Breathe on Me” was written in 30 minutes-between Bremen and Cedartown, GA.

Heroes (bonus track)
Same song with no drums-which version do you like best?